Nowadays we use JavaScript not only for front-end applications but also for server-side applications with the help of node.js. There are lots of popular frameworks out there for node.js. Express is the most popular framework so far. but there are other frameworks like Meteor, Koa, Sails, Hapi, Loopback, etc. Nest.js is also a server-side node.js framework built by Kamil Mysliwiec and the community, In the past 2 years nest.js become the fastest-growing node.js technology, and currently, it has 35.9K GitHub stars.

As I mentioned before Node.js (for the server-side) has plenty of great libraries, But none of them solves the…

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In the previous article, I explained the basics of .Net Core web API, How to create a project and run it using .Net CLI. You can read it here.

Today as I promised, we gonna take a look at the project files that we have given out of the box and what responsible for getting us the result we saw in the previous article.


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This .Net Core Web API beginners guide is for the software engineering students, self-thought programmers, or anyone who wants to learn the basics of .Net Core Web API.

.Net Core is a free and opensource framework to develop applications for Windows, Mac, or Linux and It is the successor of the good old .Net Framework. Nowadays there are lots of programming languages and web frameworks to learn. So why should you learn .Net Core? Is it worth it? Okay let’s see,

01 .Net Core is now cross-platform which means if you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac, you can simply…

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